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Change Management is the provision of a planned and systematic approach to preparing, communicating, and implementing the change to an organisation. Change leads to new structures and policies which in turn create new systems and environments.

This wiki has been created to provide practicing managers with a number of change management considerations with links to a number of useful models and frameworks that dominate change management thinking. The wiki is split into the following four stages that help to conceptualisethe management of change:

  • Understanding Change
  • Planning Change
  • Implementing Change
  • Communicating Change

It is vital to explain and include people in the change management process at an early stage allowing the ability for people to adapt to the changes. As such, spanning all four of these stages is the important concept of 'motivation' which should be considered at all stages of change management.

To navigate this wiki, users may wish to either use the flow chart links above or, alternatively, use the headings to the side of the screen.

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